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I have always been a curious person–I like to know how all my parts work, and how I can use them optimally. I guess you could say my whole life has been a journey to learning “how to know,” to be. By definition, I know that also pertains to you, because we are all connected in ways we are just starting to discover.  

I read, and research, and I write my own words about what I “uncover”:  Why beauty is so important to our own creativity. Why, if so many of us feel there must be more to life, we struggle to find it? What does it really mean to be a human on earth?   

That’s what my books, teachings, and workshops are all about. I truly believe “human is an extraordinary thing to be,” and I am committed to finding all the evidence that this is so. If you’re interested, you’ll find some of the evidence in my blogs, and surely in my books and workshops, where you will always be an honored guest.

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