Came upon this elephant at the entrance to a little park in New York City. Because my brain always fills in the blanks when there’s dissonance, it saw an elephant standing on his (or her) trunk and, at first, it couldn’t believe such a heavy statue could do that. After a while, it calmed down to knowing it was probably made of some very light material–it didn’t want to think that because elephants are huge, and heavy, but my brain knew it had no choice here. This happened years ago, but the memory lingers on every time I see the photo.
I love this image, because it re-minds me there is nothing in Reality that is actually what my brain thinks it is. Even the Huge apartment building behind the elephant is lighter than air–as I myself am, it turns out. Everything, they say, is all energy, and what each of us sees has all been conjured up by our imaginations…My and Your imagination…and our collective imaginations combined. Funny thing is, we don’t even know that we’ve created everything there is in Reality. It could be confusing, but it isn’t, really. It’s a little bit of science, and history, and how we have been taught to interact with the world we see. in my new book, How Do I Know? The Divine Logic of Realityi’ll explain “it” all, in plain conversational language that any curious non-scientist can get. Look for it in the fall in “My Books.”