My Books

I write books that contain the evidence to prove “human is an extraordinary thing to be”- because I believe this is the fundamental, not yet revealed, truth about us.

(soon to be re-released
in 2d edition)

“Why Do I Feel This Way” is my story of finding the perfect love and then being left behind with terrifying feelings, emotions and memories after he died of AIDS five years later.

In the process of grieving, I learned what our feelings and emotions, and even our memories are really for, and how we can–must–use them as nature intended.

“As a Hollywood film producer, I look for ‘The Story,’ either in a book or screenplay format, for consideration of merit. In Dina’s book, it begins for me in Chapter One when she starts to tell her story. Her courage, her truthfulness are unveiled in words and actions that we should all admire. SHE HAS A STORY TO BE TOLD!” 

– Les Goldman, Producer

How Do I Know?

The Divine Logic of Reality

Have you heard what’s happening to Reality? If you’re not a physicist, or a spiritualist, it’s likely you have not. It’s the rest of the story of humans’ life on earth, and you will want to know about it, because its time has come. You’ll want in when you know, and, in How Do I Know? you’ll see that you can “get it.”

I’ve drawn facts from history, archaeology, quantum and astrophysics, biology and even the teachings of channeled communications, to put together in plain, nonscientific language, the whole story of what’s really Real. Ironically, it’s only now that science and medicine have begun to acknowledge what the most ancient cultures throughout the world knew.

I like to write books for nonscientists who are curious, like me, so I started this one with a hypothesis: We use our physical senses to know physical reality, so we must have “non-physical” senses that have evolved to help us access what I’m calling “Expanded Reality.” You’ll be surprised to know you are very familiar with your non-physical senses; they’re your imagination, feelings, intuition, emotions, dreams, and, most of all, your consciousness.

In How Do I Know? you can learn what they’re really for, and how you can use them to balance both Realities in your life.