Where do I start? Do I jump in as the sage editor with a quick tip: If you’re thinking of writing your first book, buy a bunch of manila folders. Number them 1 – 10. Every time you have an idea, write it on a piece of paper and put it in one of the folders. Every related idea after that should go into that folder, and all the different ideas should go into other folders, until every folder is filled with your words and thoughts and ideas for every chapter of your book. Add folders as you need to, and move the chapter numbers around by moving the pieces of paper in them. Let the folders tell you when you’re ready to start writing.

Or, should I tell you I spend a lot of time thinking about things like feelings and reality? Should I dare to reveal that much of who I am in the First Blog? I’m a nonscientist who translates science into plain conversational language so other curious people like me can understand things like our brains and feelings and memories; and why and how over the history of humans on earth, we seem to have lost fully half of reality–the half that holds the good parts, the fun stuff, where we each create everything and we all live lives we love, not because we pulled the gold ring off the carousel, but because that was just the way it was always supposed to go, from the beginning.We are multifaceted, and we’re meant to write our stories for each other and the children who will come after us, and we are meant to find the meaning of life as we choose to live it. That’s the promise of this First Blog: I can help you write your stories and get them published, and along the way, we can ponder where our stories fit into the greater story of humans on earth.